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Hello Visitor,

My name is Archit Agarwal and I am an Indian Numismatist and Coin Enthusiast. I have started collecting world coins since the last three and a half years and I strive to work on completing my collections by putting in efforts to make as much exchanges as possible. So far I have coins of about 200+ countries.

Following are the themes that I am currently working on:

1. One coin from every country of the world

2. All the US State Quarters (Collection complete)

3. All the quarters minted in 'America, the Beautiful' quarters program (20 out of 26)

4. All the Presidential Dollars of America (8 out of 28)

5. All the 2 Euro commemorate coins minted so far (started very recently: have about 130+ different coins)

6. All the commemorates of India in circulation

You can see my doubles list on the 'My Collections" page. If you have a coin which you think is not in my collection, or if you would like to have any coin/coins from my collection,you can contact me to make a swap if you want. I am sure I will be able to find something of interest in your doubles

Best Regards

Archit Agarwal

Fellow Collector

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