Quotes I had a very satisfying swap with Archit. Very good comunication and nice coins. I do collect Indian coins by year and mint, so I always seem to miss coins from India. With the Princely States, Britsish India, French India,Portuguese India and the Republic I now have around 1.200 different In dian coins and quite a few variants. I can highly recommend Archit as a swap partner. Best regards Ole (Contributor to the SCWC catalogs) Quotes
Ole Sjoelund
Swap partner

Quotes Archit Agarwal is a serious collector and Coins Enthusiast. In a short period of time ‎he has made up beautiful coins collection and hosted his web site. It is the result of his ‎hard work and keen interest in what he does. I have made coins swaps with him and ‎the results were excellent because of his honest dealings. ‎ Quotes
Col. Suresh Bagga